EmpathiCH 2024:

Scrutinizing Empathy-Centric Design Beyond the Individual

 EmpathiCH is a full-day workshop at CHI '24 that builds on two previous editions.

The workshop itself will include participants' presentations, two inspiring keynote talks, and a panel of experts.

Stimulated by this discussion, the expertise, and experiences of the participants will be combined during a participatory session to shape the future of the "Empathy-Centric Design Beyond the Individual" research in HCI.

Themes of EmpathiCH '24

our goal is to refine and expand the empathy-centric design paradigm, inviting papers that delve into its principles and processes by exploring "empathy beyond the individual", specifically:

Read more about it in our Call for Participation.

Important Dates


Contact Alok Debnath  (debnatha [at] tcd.ie) to get more information about EmpathiCH '24